Protect your website from bots with the privacy-focused captcha.

Swetrix CAPTCHA is an open source and easy to use captcha solution. It's easy to integrate and it provides exceptional service.

It's a great solution for your blog or website, especially if you don't want to bloat it with other, less privacy-considering services.

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Swetrix CAPTCHA stays feature-rich, easy to use yet privacy-focused solution. The captcha challenges are carried out aboslutely anonymously and the analytics data cannot be pinpointed to a specific user.



Our source code is available to anyone on GitHub so anyone can analyse and review it at any time. If you'd like to run CAPTCHA on your own server, you're welcome to do so.



You can customise the CAPTCHA to your liking - you can change the theming colours and soon will be able to set size, language and more.


Easy to use

Integrate the CAPTCHA into your website in just a few minutes. You can use our pre-built code snippets, it's already included into Swetrix Analytics plans.